The Parenting and Family Research Alliance (PAFRA) is a multidisciplinary collaboration that brings together dedicated experts to conduct research, communication and advocacy pertaining to parenting, families and evidence-based parenting support (EBPS).

Our ongoing collaboration is enabled by the use of working groups, monthly whole-group meetings, cloud-based file sharing, email correspondence, and an inter-institutional Memorandum of Understanding.  PAFRA is coordinated by a dedicated project officer, thanks to the support of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course.

The aims of PAFRA are to:

  • Facilitate collaboration between parenting and family researchers and research centres.

  • Promote greater evidence-based public discourse about parenting and family matters.

  • Advocate with commonwealth, state, territory and local governments regarding policies and funding relating to parenting, families and EBPS.

  • Promote the translation of research findings into programs and services that benefit children, families and communities.

The primary activities of PAFRA are to:

  • Establish and maintain a research alliance that facilitates collaborative parenting and family research.

  • Develop standards and methods for training students and early career researchers in parenting studies and family psychology.

  • Release guides and position statements to help educate governments and communities about the scientific evidence and policy options around parenting, families and EBPS.

  • Develop science communication guidelines to facilitate appropriate media coverage of parenting and family matters.

  • Advocate for evidence-based policy and investment regarding parenting, families and EBPS.

  • Advocate for appropriate and transparent funding for research and research training regarding parenting, families and EBPS.

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