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Decades of research show that parenting affects a wide range of children’s developmental outcomes. Despite this, parenting intervention research received only 0.25% of government funding in the last 10 years. 

With so little research funded for parenting interventions in Australia, parents and families are less likely to receive parenting support and guidance based on the science of what works.

PAFRA is working to build the evidence around funding in Australia, and make recommendations to improve the funding of parenting intervention research.

A review of Australian government funding of parenting intervention research

PAFRA have reviewed the main sources of government funding – the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Australian Research Council (ARC) – to establish the amount of funding allocated to parenting intervention research in the last decade (2011-2020).

The review was published in the Australian and New Zealand Public Health Journal.  PAFRA gratefully acknowledges the financial contribution from The University of Melbourne for the publishing fees of this journal article.  It is available for download below.

Havighurst, S.; Chainey , C.; Doyle, F.; Higgins, D.; Mathews, B.; Mazzucchelli, T.; Zimmer-Gembeck, M.; Andriessen, K.; Cobham, V.; Cross, D.; Dadds, M.; Dawe, S.; Gray, K.; Guastella, A.; Harnett, P.; Haslam, D.; Middeldorp, C.; Morawska, A.; Ohan, J.; Sanders, M. ; Stallman, H.; Tonge, B.; Toumbourou, J.; Turner, K.; Williams, K.; Yap, M.; Nicholson, J. (2022). A Review of Australian Government Funding of Parenting Intervention Research. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health.  

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